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Creating a collaborative art installation (Part 1)

I’ve always liked the idea of working on a large scale installation artwork. Unlike a conventional canvas, an installation can be any size or shape and can be tactile and interactive. Hence, when the opportunity arose to create something that allowed me to have the creative freedom to propose ideas for an art installation in an office, I immediately sprung into action! Needless to say, I had a string of ideas I wanted to explore but after discussing with the client, the brief was more challenging than I thought. But that just makes it more interesting to be able to work within these constraints as often, “Nothing good in life comes easy.”

Firstly, the artwork had to be a collaborative one. Every member of the company had to be able to design each piece easily within a short period of time. The location of the artwork was also tricky as it was in a relatively tight space. The wall holding the piece also had to be fabricated to withstand the weight of the artwork, hence it couldn’t be too heavy. In addition, the overall aesthetic of the work had to embody the company’s corporate message and spirit. At the moment, the design is still in discussion but I'm excited to what the final artwork is going to be like! Opportunities like these do not come by often, but i am always up for the challenge to create and design things that are unique and meaningful. Stay tuned for Part 2 when we finally do up the installation in Nov 2023!


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