Fringe Event Activity

DIY Marbling Booth 

Hire us to set-up our DIY Marbling Booth or stations at your preferred location anytime and anywhere. Be it at a party, event or wedding, we will provide endless entertainment for your guests to enjoy and make some marbled art! 

We are able to marble on paper, hand fans, tote bags, mugs, pots, tote bags, coasters, leather goods, candles, gift boxes and more! Personalise your items with brand logos to create that memorable gift for your guest! Chat with us to find out how we can customise our fringe event booth to boost your customer experience at your event!


PAssionArts @ Jurong Spring CC

Group Size       Depends on duration

Duration           2 - 3 min per person 

Venue              Anywhere 
                      (Overseas events are welcomed)

Characteristics   Instagrammable, Engaging, Experiential

Choose from our range of marbled items!

Check out our full range of items you can choose from which suits your event theme or demographic.

They are functional yet stylish products that are marbled on site at our D.I.Y. marbling art booths! 

Wholesale Marbled Products

We also provide customised wholesale corporate gifts for your clients or guests!

Logo printing is available too. Kindly email us for pricing details!


Customised Ceramic Coasters with logo 

Customised Satin Scarfs
with logo embroidery

Canvas Tote Bag with 1C Logo Silkscreen

Canvas Tote Bags

with logo silkscreen

Paper Marbling

Paper Marbling Lancome Singapore
Paper Marbling Singapore
Paper Marbling CNY
Ebru Art SMU Singapore

Customised Paper

Customised Paper for Marbling Singapore
Customised Paper Marbling Singapore
PAssionArts Marbling Art Booth

Ceramic Coasters

Marbled Ceramic Coasters Singapore
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-17 at 10.24.00.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-21 at 14.38.40.jpeg
Ceramic Coaster Marbling Singapore

Plant Pots


Gift Box Covers

Box Cover Marbling Art Singapore
Jo Malone Box Cover Marbling Singapore

Pebbles / Paperweight

Marbled Pebbles Paperweight
Marbled Pebbles.jpg

Ceramic Mugs

Marbling Cup Marbling Singapore
Ceramic Mugs Ikea Marbling
Mug Marbling Singapore

DIY Tumbler 

Marbled DIY Tumblers

Photo Frames


Mobile Phone Pop Stand

Photo Frame Marbling Singapore
Mobile Phone Popsockets Stand Singapore
Mobile Phone Popsockets Stand 3M Singapore

Pillar Candles

Hydrodipping Marbled Candles Singapore
Hydrodipping Candle Marbling Singapore

Chinese Foldable Hand Fans

Marbled Chinese Foldable Hand Fans Singapore
Marbled Moschino Foldable Hand Fans Singapore

Leather Tags

Fridge Magnets

Customised Logo Luggage Leather Bag Tag.jpg
Marbled Customised Luggage Tags Singapore
Wooden Cube Fridge Magnets Singapore
Marbled Cube Magnet Singapore
Personalised Fridge Magnet Sinapore
Marbled Tote Bags Singapore

Cotton Scarf

Satin Scarf Marbling Singapore

Canvas Zip Pouch

Marbled Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote Bags

Marbled Cotton Canvas Zip Pouch
Marbled Tote Bags Singapore
Marbled Cotton Canvas Zip Pouch
Marbled Foldable Fan Singapore

Foldable Circle Fan

Notebook Edges

Canvas Panel

Badge Holder

Edge Marbling
Collins Notebook Edge Marbling Singapore
Hydrodipping Hard Badge Card Holder
Canvas Marbling Singapore

Wooden Ring Holder

Ring Holder Marbling Singapore

Wooden Namecard Holder

Marbling on Wooden Namecard Holder

Artificial Flowers

Hydrodipping Flower Marbling Singapore
Rose Marbling Singapore

Wooden Catchall Trays

Wooden Tray Marbling
Personalised Wooden Tray
Marbled Hydrodipping on Pen

Eco Pens

Mabled Ball point Pen
Ecopen Marbling Singapore

Seed Pencils

Marbled Seed Pencil Singapore

Wooden Keychains

Wooden Marbled Keychains
Mitsubishi Marbled Keychains

Wooden Mirror

Paper Bookmark

Marbled Paper Bookmark Singapore
Wooden Marbled Mirror Singapore

Wooden Pencil Holder 

Marbled Pencil Holder Singapore

Mini Notebook

Mini Notebook Marbling Singapore

Leather Keychain / Earphone Holder

Marbled Leather Key Hob Singapore
Leather Earphone Holder Singapore


Ball Lanterns

Slipper Marbling Singapore
Ball Lantern Marbling Singapore

Xmas Ornaments

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Marbling Singapore
Xmas Ornaments Marbling
Marbled Xmas Ornaments

Piggy Bank / Plastic Jars

Plastic Jar Container Marbling Singapore
Other Fringe Event Activities

Slik Studios PLUS! is the alternative artistic branch of Slik Studios where we roll out other unique art techniques from our mobile art studio.

Orizome Shi Singapore

Orizome Paper Dyeing

Create beautiful tessellated patterns with the japanese art of orizome paper dyeing!

Block Printing Fringe Booth Singapore

Relief Block Printing

Click here!

Try the art of relief printing and design your own pattern with our custom stamps! 

Alyssa Rice Tossing Art.jpeg

Rice Tossing Video Art

Toss up your ephemeral rice art and capture it on TikTok or it'll be gone in a flash! So much fun!

Handprint Embossing Booth Fringe Activity Singapore



Click here!

Immortalise your guests handprints in clay

to create the best first impression for your event!

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