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Art workshop with the elderly

Last month we conducted the Japanese Orizome Workshop at Lions Befrienders with a group of jovial and enthusiastic elderly in Ghim Moh. The old folks as they came early and waited patiently with bated anticipation, not knowing what they signed up for except that it was an art lesson which is an activity most of the elderly like to spend their time on.

We had them seated with in groups in a lovely classroom with all the materials neatly laid out. The weather was perfect for the workshop, bright and sunny with not a grey cloud in the sky to dampen our spirits. During the workshop, we taught them numerous folding techniques in origami and had them dye the paper with coloured dyes which unfolded into a beautiful tessellated pattern. Everyone was engrossed and were enthusiastic about trying it out albeit with some hesitation as some of them were unsure if they could do it as well as the example shown.

However, as the workshop progressed, the chatter and laughs become louder and more relaxed as they got into the groove to make more art pieces. It was a flurry of activity to the end as they all went home with their hands and hearts full.

Thank you Lions Befrienders, the corporate sponsors for the workshop and till next time! :)


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