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Fringe art event activities

Slik Studios PLUS! is the alternative artistic branch of Slik Studios where we roll out other unique art techniques from our mobile art studio. Check out our range of unique craft activities that double as

express art workshops at your events! 

Do email us here for more details.

paper dyeing

Orizome-shi paper dyeing is the japanese art of dyeing using the edges of folded paper. Guests will dip the folded washi paper into coloured dyes and unravel it to reveal a unique tessellated pattern. 

Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

TOUCH Home care at Ang Mo Kio

Orizome 4.jpeg
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

At Mercedes-Benz Showroom

Wine glass painting

Let your guests paint their wine glasses with their favourite colours and designs! We provide quality materials to bring their designs to life!

Wine Glass Painting Singapore
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 8.40.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 8.39.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 8.40.59 AM.png

LEVIS event @ DRIP Club

UV BOdy Painting

Let your guests glow in the dark with our UV body paints and create the ultimate party for the night! Our body painting artist is able to draw any design based on your theme and colours! Great for rave parties or brand launches at the club! Let's go!

Pointilism Painting Workshop.jpg

DIY succulent

Get some garden therapy by getting your hands in some soil and lush green succulents. This DIY gardening

station lets your guests feel happy and relaxed where they can plant their own mini garden with our custom designed pots!

DIY Shower Salt Steamer Activity

DIY shower
salt blend

Engulf your senses with refreshing essential oils to create your own shower salt blend! A perfect addition to the bathroom or your shower experience, this simple concoction of bath salts and high quality fragrances makes the perfect gift for your guests!

Choose from our range of more than 20 essential oils and mix your own shower salt blend on the spot to take home.

Create your own Shower Salt Steamer

name writing

Personalised your corporate gifts with names or festive messages to give it a personal touch! Our personalised name writing service

is a perfect compliment to your product offerings to elevate your customer’s purchase.

From coasters, champagne bottles or gift boxes the possiblities are endless to add that beautiful touch of handwrittten words.

Please contact us at for pricing details.

Experience the art of marbling and more!

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