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Fringe event/pre-event activities

Slik Studios PLUS! is the alternative artistic branch of Slik Studios where we roll out other unique art techniques from our mobile art studio. Check out our range of unique craft activities that double as

express art workshops at your events! 

Do email us here for more details.

paper Tie-dye

Transport yourself to the vibrant world of Japanese tradition at our DIY Orizome Booth! Immerse your senses in a kaleidoscope of colours and intricate folding techniques as you create stunning paper art.

Let each piece tell a story of cultural appreciation and personal expression, one fold at a time.

Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

TOUCH Home care at Ang Mo Kio

Orizome 4.jpeg
Japanese bamboo Fan orizome
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

At Mercedes-Benz Showroom

Japanese Orizome Art Singapore

DIY Wine glass painting

Raise your glass and your brush at our DIY Wine Glass Painting Booth! Dive into a world of color and creativity as you transform ordinary glassware into personalized works of art.


Whether you're a seasoned artist or a first-time painter, uncork your imagination and toast to a masterpiece in every sip!

Wine Glass Painting Singapore
Wax Seal Keychains
Sakura Wax Seal Stamp.jpeg

DIY Wax sealing booth

Embark on a journey of artisanal craftsmanship at our DIY Wax Sealing Activity Booth, where every seal becomes a treasured piece of your story. Choose from 20 different seal designs or customise one with your own corporate logo!


Personalise your own keychain or bookmark with vibrant wax colors and intricate stamps, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday essentials.

DIY succulent

Discover the joy of hands-on horticulture at our DIY succulent gardening booth! From prickly cacti to lush, velvety echeverias, let your creativity flourish as you design your own desert masterpiece.


Take home a little green happiness to brighten any space!

DIY Gardening Activity Singapore
Live succulents
Personalised Pot with Calligraphy

DIY Succulent
Gardening Booth 

@ Workday

Small Potted Succulent Plants.jpeg
DIY Succulent Gardening Booth.jpeg

salt booth

DIY Live Bath Salt Station

Dive into relaxation at our DIY Bath Salt Booth!


Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as

you blend luxurious salts with fragrant oils

and botanicals, creating a custom spa

experience tailored just for you.


Indulge your senses, unwind your mind,

and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated,

one soak at a time.

Bath Salt Cans
Custom Bath Salt Event Fringe Activity
DIY Bath Salts Event Booth

DIY Bath Salt Booth @ NUSSU

Calligraphy on Ceramic Coasters.jpeg
Small Potted Succulent Plants.jpeg
Personalised Chinese Fans.jpeg
Personalised Calligraphy Name Event Gifts

Live calligraphy

Step into the realm of artisanal elegance with our live name calligraphy

service. Watch as skilled hands delicately craft your name onto coasters,

keychains, leather products, pots, and more, transforming everyday items

into cherished keepsakes. Each stroke tells a story, turning the ordinary

into extraordinary, right before your eyes.

Speed: ~30 to 45 names in 1 hour

Personalised Leather Keychains.jpeg

Please contact us at for pricing details.

Experience the art of marbling and more!

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