Fringe art event activities

Slik Studios PLUS! is the alternative artistic branch of Slik Studios where we roll out other unique art techniques from our mobile art studio. Check out our range of unique craft activities that double as

express art workshops at your events! 

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paper dyeing

Orizome-shi paper dyeing is the japanese art of dyeing using the edges of folded paper. Guests will dip the folded washi paper into coloured dyes and unravel it to reveal a unique tessellated pattern. 

Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

TOUCH Home care at Ang Mo Kio

Orizome 4.jpeg
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore
Orizome-shi Paper Dyeing Singapore

At Mercedes-Benz Showroom

Alyssa Rice Tossing Art.jpeg

Rice tossing art

Design your image using coloured rice and toss it
in a second! Record it on Tiktok or Instagram with your hashtags and go viral with hundreds or thousands of likes at your event! 

Credit: @FriedRiceArt

relief block


Try the art of relief printing and design your own pattern with our customised stamps! Start stamping your designs

on tote bags or cards, perfect for the seasonal celebrations

or a nice personalised souvenir to take home.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 3.10.02 PM.png

Custom Stamp Designs

 Handprint Clay Emboss Commemorative Gift

Handprint clay emboss 

Immortalize the hands of your guests by creating a handprint clay emboss on clay! A wonderful gift for your guest of honour or grand opening ceremony to commemorate their presence at your event! 

Experience the art of marbling and more!