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Established in 2015, SLIK Studios is a marbling studio that specialises in the art of marbling.

Experience the magical art of marbling at our community events, corporate events or school workshops!

COVID-19 Update: We now offer virtual workshops and events over zoom! Contact us for more details. 



The art of marbling or paper marbling is an aqueous surface design where paints float on thickened water and is transferred onto paper.  You can create a myriad of beautiful marbled patterns where each design is unique and cannot be replicated. 


From  paper marbling to candles, coasters or canvas tote bags, we experiment  with other surfaces and objects to create a new and exciting way to experience the art of marbling.

This is a magical process that will easily have you hooked with endless possibilities. The only limitation will be your imagination. It is easy and fun for all ages! Experience the art of marbling here in Singapore.

Marbled Chinese Fans

Ebru Art Lily Ceramic Coasters

Marbled Pebbles with Logo

Clarins Rose on Ceramic Coaster

Young NTUC Marbled DIY Tumblers

Jo Malone Marbled Gift Boxes

Passionarts Marbled Tote Bags

Mercedes Benz Marbled Fridge Magnets

INNO Lines Marbled Mugs

Love Moschino Ceramic Coaster

Marbled Drawstring Bags Singapore

Marbled Baubles Singapore

Lancome Marbled Paper Cards

SONY Marbled Coasters

Chocolate Waterfall,

Ion Art Gallery



The covid-19 pandemic has led Singapore into a new normal. But with great challenges comes new opportunities for us to grow and innovate. We now offer virtual performances, live-streaming events and online content for school! Click below to find out more.

Perfect for online events, our virtual live performances are tailored for the new

normal in event experiences. Drive home

your brand or message with our beautiful

and mesmerising performances!



Paper Marbling Demonstration at SMU
Van Gogh on Dark Water Singapore
Passion Arts Marbling Booth Singapore

Looking for a virtual fringe event activity? Invite us to set up a

live-stream of our DIY marbling booth for you and your guests to watch the marbling art process!



Fringe Event Marbling Booth
Art Fringe Activities D&D Singapore

Learn the history and wonders of paper marbling  through our

NAC-AEP subsidised programme. Add colour to your aesthetics

programme with us!






Japanese Paper Marbling Singapore
Corporate Art Workshop

Learn and bond together in the 

safety and comfort of your home

with our WFH online marbling

workshop! Receive a set of

marbling supplies for you

and your colleagues!



Paper Marbling Workshop

now available on zoom!


Discover and and gain insights to the the ancient art of Ebru or paper marbling with at our workshops! We have different marbling workshop variations from basic to advanced, on paper or fabric! With live demonstrations and step-wise guidance, participants will be able to express themselves within a fluidic canvas.

COVID-19 Update:

With the evolving COVID-19 situation in Singapore, and we enter the new normal, we will provide an option for participants to have their workshops from home.  Delivery of supplies will be included and the workshop

will be conducted via zoom.

By appointment only

Duration:     2 hours

Cost:          Please email for pricing.
Location:     At your preferred location /Goodman Arts Centre / Your home via zoom

Min pax:    10 pax



Paper Marbling Workshop Photos


Thank you very much for hosting a very interesting fabric and paper marbling workshop at National Gallery Singapore the other day.  I fully enjoyed joining the workshop!


—  Nobuko M, Paper & Fabric Workshop Participant

Licensing available for our unique marbled artworks

Purchase our custom hi-res designs for interior wallpaper, packaging or products for an exclusive touch. We provide colour matching and design consultation for each individual client.

Hand Marbled Paper Singapore
Suminagashi Art Singapore
Shell Pattern
Non Pareil Pattern
Fern Pattern
Shell Pattern
Gelgit Pattern
Non Pareil with Swirl Pattern
Freestyle Non Pareil Pattern
Gelgit with Spanish Moire Pattern
Chevron Pattern
Large Stone with Spanish Moire
Non Pareil with Wide Comb
French Curl Pattern
Wave Pattern
Freestyle stone with Spanish Wave




Check out our selection

of unique marbled papers

made in our studio. 



Our mission is to empower each and every person, the courage and belief that they are an artist at heart.

Slik Studios


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Experience the art of marbling in Singapore

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