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SLIK Studios is a mobile art studio that specialises in the art of water marbling.

Experience the magical art of marbling and other unique art activities through our corporate events and workshops!

Marbled Keychains
Live Promotional Fringe Activity
Paper Marbling Art Singapore
Coaster Marbling Booth
Marbled Leather Tags
Body Marbling Singapore
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Marbled Luggage Tags Singapore
Ceramic Coaster Marbling Art Singapore Event
Marbled Chinese Fans
Marbled Pebbles with Logo
Clarins Rose on Ceramic Coaster
Jo Malone Marbled Gift Boxes
Young NTUC Marbled DIY Tumblers
Glass Marbling Singapore Johnnie Walker
Mercedes Benz Marbled Fridge Magnets
Personalised Name Keychain Marbled
SONY Marbled Coasters
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Perfect for corporate events, our live water marbling  performances are one-of-a-kind! Drive home your brand or message with our beautiful and mesmerising performances!



Corporate Marbling Show Logo
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Only 1 

in SG!

Tray Marbling Fringe Activity

EVENT Activities

Looking for an exclusive fringe event activity? Entertain your guests at our DIY marbling booth

with our team!



Premium Marbling Booth
Clifford Pier Marbling Booth Event

#1 Best 

in SG!

Learn the history and wonders of paper marbling  through our

workshops and live assembly shows. Add colour to your aesthetics programme with us!






Art Workshops for

Live Marbling Art Show Performance
Paper Marbling Workshop School

Learn with

an artist!

Meditative art workshop for adults
Marbling Kit for sale

Learn and bond together with our curated workshop series

to create many colourful and

artistic art pieces! 



Team-bonding Workshop Art

Experience something new together!

Explore other unique pre-event art activities with Slik Studios!

Slik Studios PLUS! is the alternative artistic branch of Slik Studios where we roll out other unique art techniques from our mobile art studio. Check out our range of unique craft activities that double as

express art workshops at your events! 

Japanese Orizome Event Art Activities

D.I.Y. Japanese Tie-Dye (Orizome)

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Japanese orizome at our DIY booth, where vibrant colors blend in harmony with traditional techniques, allowing you to weave your own story into every intricate fold.

Bath Salt Booth Event Singapore

D.I.Y. Bath Salt Blend

Indulge in the art of self-care at our DIY bath salt blend station, where you can mix, match, and customise your own luxurious concoction, turning every soak into a blissful escape tailored just for you.

Wine Glass Painting Event Activities

D.I.Y. Wine Glass Painting

Toast to your creativity at our DIY wine glass painting booth, where every stroke becomes a masterpiece and every sip is paired with your personalized touch of artistry!

DIY Succulent Gardening Booth.jpeg

D.I.Y. Succulent Gardening

Dig into the world of green-thumb creativity at our DIY succulent gardening station, where you'll unearth the joy of cultivating your own vibrant oasis, one charming succulent at a time.

Sakura Wax Seal Stamp.jpeg

D.I.Y. Wax Sealing

Unlock your creativity and add a touch of timeless elegance to your projects at our DIY wax sealing activity booth – where every seal is a work of art waiting to be crafted!

Personalised Chinese Fans.jpeg

Live Calligraphy Service

Experience the magic of personalized elegance at our live name calligraphy service, where every stroke celebrates the beauty of your name, turning it into a timeless masterpiece that reflects your unique identity in ink.

art Workshops

BIS Featured Badge.png

Marbling Workshop

Marble like a pro at our in-person marbling workshop! Discover the myriad of traditional and contemporary marbled designs that are elegant and mesmerising to create. With live demonstrations and step-wise guidance in a small group, participants will be able to learn and interact creatively and comfortably.

Paper Marbling Workshop Singapore
Water Marbling Singapore

paper dyeing

Orizome Japanese Paper Dyeing Notebook Singapore
Orizome Japanese Paper Dyeing Online Zoom Workshop Singapore

Discover the mesmerizing world of marbling, a captivating aqueous surface art form where vibrant paints dance atop thickened water before being delicately transferred onto paper.

At Slik Studios, we push the boundaries of traditional marbling, transforming not just paper, but also candles, coasters, and even skin into stunning works of art.

Each creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, impossible to replicate, offering a thrilling journey of discovery and creativity. With endless possibilities limited only by your imagination, marbling is a magical process that will effortlessly enchant you.

Join us in Singapore to experience the excitement of marbling firsthand –
it's easy, it's fun, and it's for everyone!

Orizome-shi or Japanese paper dyeing is an old

papercraft that combines origami paper folding and

pigment dip-dyeing to form a colourful, kaleidoscopic

pattern on traditional washi paper. Learn to create

different floral and batik-inspired prints to decorate your home and take home your custom designed notebook.

Orizome Japanese Paper Dyeing Singapore


Thank you very much for hosting a very interesting fabric and paper marbling workshop at National Gallery Singapore the other day.  I fully enjoyed joining the workshop!


—  Nobuko M, Paper & Fabric Workshop Participant


Schools, Organisations and Companies we have worked with:


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Experience the art of marbling and more!

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