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Established in 2015, SLIK Studios is an art studio that specialises in the art of marbling.

Experience the magical art of marbling and more through our private events and workshops!

The art of marbling or paper marbling is an aqueous surface design where paints float on thickened water and is transferred onto paper.  You can create a myriad of beautiful marbled patterns where each design is unique and cannot be replicated. 


From  paper marbling to candles, coasters or canvas tote bags, we experiment  with other surfaces and objects to create a new and exciting way to experience the art of marbling.

This is a magical process that will easily have you hooked with endless possibilities. The only limitation will be your imagination. It is easy and fun for all ages! Experience the art of marbling here in Singapore.

Marbled Chinese Fans
Ebru Art Lily Ceramic Coasters
Marbled Pebbles with Logo
Clarins Rose on Ceramic Coaster
Young NTUC Marbled DIY Tumblers
Jo Malone Marbled Gift Boxes
Passionarts Marbled Tote Bags
Mercedes Benz Marbled Fridge Magnets
INNO Lines Marbled Mugs
Love Moschino Ceramic Coaster
Marbled Drawstring Bags Singapore
Marbled Baubles Singapore
Lancome Marbled Paper Cards
SONY Marbled Coasters


Chocolate Waterfall,

Ion Art Gallery


Perfect for online events, our virtual live performances are tailored for the new

normal in event experiences. Drive home

your brand or message with our beautiful

and mesmerising performances!



Online Zoom Art Performance Singapore
Van Gogh on Dark Water Singapore
Wedding Fringe Activity Singapore

Looking for an exclusive fringe event activity? Entertain your guests at our marbling booth

with our principal artist.



Fringe Event Marbling Booth Singapore
Art Fringe Activities D&D Singapore

Learn the history and wonders of paper marbling  through our

NAC-AEP subsidised programme. Add colour to your aesthetics

programme with us!






Learn and bond together in the 

safety and comfort of your home

with our ZOOM workshops! Receive a set of art supplies for you and your colleagues!



Online Art Workshop Kits Singapore
Team-bonding Zoom Online Art Workshop Singapore


Buy your marbling art supplies at our online shop! Marbling art is a wonderful activity to 

self-learn or to do with others. Start your marbling journey with us! 

For bulk qty, please email us for your specifications. Payment will be done via bank transfer, details at checkout.